Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bead

I thought and thought about what I could do with my bead that would be useful for me. I wanted to do something with it that would help me see things a bit differently and keep an open mind.

I decided to put it on my guitar strings. I thought that this would be a good reminder that people watching me play may not be seeing things the way that I see them, and to kind of "see things sideways" as much as I can.

It will also server another purpose. It will keep me motivated to play things differently and keep the show interesting. The worst thing in the world is to go see someone play and they take themselves too seriously and become incredibly stale.

I'm not a good guitar player or anything, but my strength lies in entertaining. The bead will help me remember that and to keep humble and realize my place is to make people enjoy their time they spend with me. Not to deliver epiphanies.

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