Monday, January 23, 2012

Class memories 1/23

Something that stood out today in class for me was the fact that there were a few people talking and a lot of people not talking. It made my wonder why I felt uncomfortable talking and also why sometimes it seems that everyone in a class talks and sometimes it is only a few people.

I think, for me, it is hard to be in a class of this size and have a few strong commenters because I want whatever I say to be profound. I don't want to speak for the sake of speaking. But I realize that I am very rarely profound and I may be putting too much pressure on myself.

Then I got to wondering; what if the few speakers were not as strong? By that I mean I wonder if the rest of the class would feel more apt to talk if the people that did speak a lot weren't so seemingly strong in their comments. I will continue to ponder this as class progresses this semester.

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