Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Twas the project that excited me

I use a lot of different types of software, as do a lot of people in my profession and my passion of computer stuffs. I was reformatting my computer a lot at one point and setting up new computers at home and work a lot. It seemed like I was always downloading the same applications, but I was downloading them as I needed them.

So I got to thinking that if I am always using these applications and end up needing every single one then they are probably pretty important to my life. Then I thought that maybe it would help others to see what they were, download them, and see how they helped me.

So I thought the best way to do this would be a website. I would use my personal website and put these things in columns with pop-over descriptions of what they were, and then a little more about what I would use them for. Then a person could just download them with a click and use them themselves.

I thought that this would also be perfect for me to use when I setup a new computer. I would go to my own webpage and begin downloading everything I needed. It would suffice as my memory for what I wanted to download.

So that's what was going to happen when I first had the idea. Then I started on the project. And then I got extremely busy and this project turned into a webpage that was actually used to host my portfolio. And that's what it still is now.


The limitations that forced me to change the project were mainly time. I had many other obligations including school, getting things ready for my daughter's birthday, working on my shed, and did I mention school? School, school, school. So, to finish an obligation for school, I turned my project into a portfolio page for a class that I was in. I have had a bit of time to refine that over the last few months, but haven't gotten back into my original project.

I would honestly say though that the biggest limitation that I had was a brain block. I couldn't do what I wanted to quickly enough when I sat down with time. I tried several times, but it just didn't flow. Too bad too, because it would have been pretty cool.


My limitation that there were too many things that could be done, but I wanted to do something that was going to be lasting and memorable for me. I didn't want to put it on a necklace, or a bracelet or anything like that. I didn't want to glue it onto something. That's when I decided if I put it on my guitar that I would be able to look at it a lot and have it serve as a long term reminder for me to think differently and see sideways.

So how I felt when I got the brain block, was just that; a brain block.

So I created a brain block. I will put that in another post following this one because the pictures aren't going where I want them to correctly. Stay tuned...

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