Sunday, February 12, 2012

Books 2.0

I have a vision for a student book. This can be mainly for distributed learning but could be expanded for home study for all ages past middle school.

I would like to see a class that is taught mainly with a textbook, to have an all encompassing book where you open the textbook and the words are on one half and then a recorded video of the teacher is on another half.

The lectures could go by chapter, and the text would follow along with what the teacher is elaborating on. It could be very helpful if the video of the teacher was showing graphics and such as he or she lectured. This could all be displayed on the video side while the current text being talked about followed along on the text side.
The advantage of this is that the video could be stopped while the student was reading the text. For example, if the teacher said, "Okay students, please read to page 121." Then the students would pause the video and read to page 121. The teacher would then take the text and either elaborate on it or use what they just read to show some sort of demonstration to help the understanding of the concept and make the learning "stick".

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