Monday, February 13, 2012

Class reflection for Monday, Feb. 13th

Something that stood out in a major way for me today, was that the perception of time is different for everyone. When I said something about Earth time, it is the only thing we know. But it is believed if you went into space and traveled at a certain speed, you would age more slowly than people still on Earth. Therefore time is relative (which I'm sure has been proven somehow) and we only know what we know on Earth.

Time is something that I think about a lot. As I'm getting older and now that I have a child, it seems like I am letting the time slip away like I always heard adults talk about when I was a child. But I think that I can over come this and make my PERCEPTION of time go a lot slower. While it is good to have long term goals, focussing on the now will help time seem like it is moving slower and I will be able to enjoy my daughter growing up more as well as spending what I perceive as more time with my wife and family and friends.

This is what is important to me. Certainly not getting to the finish line, which in this case is death. I want to run this race slowly and enjoy every day of it.

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