Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fear - First Post

I have a theory. My theory is that we are only afraid of the unknown. I have said this to people in hopes that they would be able to prove me wrong. But mostly their arguments have only strengthened my confidence in my theory.
When you think about fear, or when you're asked what you fear, people may say things like spiders, public speaking, storms, death, or any number of things. But this isn't actually what you are afraid of. You're afraid of what a spider may do to you, or what a storm may do to your house, or what, if anything, comes after death.

I think my classmates will meet my experiment with disbelief, but as we progress through the experiment, then they will begin to see that I may be correct. But then they will disbelieve again on the basis of the thought's simplicity and feel that it may have to be more complicated than it is.

This is all for now. Next up: conducting the experiment.

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