Sunday, April 15, 2012

The FEAR assignment

For this assignment we were to come up with a fear that we had that we wanted express to the class. I have many fears. I wanted to get to the root of my fears and I also wanted to better understand my fears. So I started thinking about what the root might be and I came up with the root cause being the unknown. Whenever we are afraid, I think we are only afraid of what we don't know.

So my experiment was to listen to every member of the class's fear and how I interpreted them and then trying to see how they could be broken down to the fear of the unknown. The findings follow:

Person 1 - public embarrassment and not having control of a class (don't know the reaction of the public and what is going to happen in the class)

Person 2 - avoiding fear (doesn't know what will happen if she addresses her fears)

Person 3 - velcro - when he hears velcro he remembers a tragic accident that almost left him paralyzed. (what if the memories of breaking my neck come back to me), not succeeding in my dreams (what will happen if I don't)

Person 4 - to be stereotyped as a fat person (how am I going to feel/what will I lose if someone stereo types me)

Person 5 - fears facing a scary creature and the night (scared of what is out there and what it might do to him)

Person 6 - fear of losing her children (unknown what will happen to them or if they'll be safe)

Person 7 - fear of people not liking her blog (unknown if people will like or not like her blog)

Person 8 - fear of failure (what will happen if I fail?)

Person 9 - failure (unknown what will happen if she fails at things)

Person 10 - fear of being raped (what will the lasting effects be)

Person 11 - fear of the unknown or not being in control

Person 12 - fear of having a child and not being able to support it, having a child when he isn't ready (what will happen if he can't support it, what will happen if he isn't ready for a child)

Person 13 - fear that she can't make it. (doesn't know what will happen if she wastes her time) (what if she loses her creative energy, what will happen, what will she become)

Person 14 - fear of being irrational (fear of not knowing what's going to happen, or not knowing what something is)

Person 15 - hate and manipulation (unknown how it is going to affect him)

Person 16 - spiders (what can they do to me?)

Person 17 - the fear of being left out because of not being able to hear (what will she miss out on?)

Person 18 - fear of the dark (fear of not knowing what is there during darkness)

Person 19 - failure, letting people down, what people think of me, i'm not doing enough with my life yet, fear of being a jack of all trades instead of being exceptional at one thing, fear the death of family and friends, fear of becoming addicted, fear of pushing people away that try to get close, fear of breaking girls hearts, fear of being alone in the end (it's unknown the repercussions of all of these things - they're unknown)

Person 20 - fear of driving (unknown what will happen when she's driving)

Person 21 - fear of self exposure (unknown if she will be judged or what people are thinking about her)

Person 22 - fear of lots of things (unknown how all these things will affect her)

Person 23 - fear of having friends (unknown what they will do to him, how they will treat him)

Person 24 - fear of the exorcist person picture (how will it make him feel when he sees it)

Person 25 - fear that he internalizes too much, doesn't share with people (unknown how it will affect his life or if he will be alone and no one will know him)

Person 26 - fear of being wrong [tattoo] (it's unknown what people will think of her when she is wrong)

Now, answering the questions from the assignment...

1. What was it and who did it?
What impacted me the most was the exorcist picture person. I didn't really understand the fear so it was hard to dissect.

2. Why did you respond to it so strongly?
Because I didn't understand it.
3. How does it impact how you see your own project?
It made me think there may be an irrational fear that can't be figured out. Maybe not knowing why you're afraid of something makes you unable to fix it. Though I'm sure with deep therapy or something you could probably discover why you are really scared of something.

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